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December 26, 2016
Category: Oral Health

If you have dental “insurance”, think of it as your rich uncle giving you up to $1000 each year to spend towards your dental care.

The truth is, dental benefits are not “insurance”. “Insurance” by its definition limits a liability. That is, no matter how sick you get, your medical insurance, for example, is designed to protect you from financial hardship. Your dental plan, on the other hand, will only pay a fixed amout per year, no matter how much care you need. It’s designed to limit the "insurance' company’s liability. Whether you need $200 or $2000 worth of dental care, the insurance company will only pay up to an agreed-upon annual maximum.

One way or another, YOU are paying for that benefit. It may be through a monthly premium or perhaps your employer is paying part or all of it for you.

If you have dental insurance it’s a great thing to have.Congratulations. Most insurance company maximums are $1000 per year, meaning they will cover the first $1000. of your yearly dental expenses. Dental benefits have barely increased in the last fifty years. The very first dental insurance was offered in the early 1960’s, and it covered $1000 per year. Back then, that would pay for a lot of dentistry!

Doctors have an ethical and legal obligation to diagnose and share their findings with you. We base treatment recommendations on the needs of the patient, not the limitations of the benefits. Naturally, we respect your right to make decisions regarding your oral health, but we want you to be totally informed. Your rich uncle wouldn’t want it any other way.